Syncios Manager


Manage your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes


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Syncios Manager is a recommendable application that you can use to manage your iOS device without any hassle or need of iTunes, managing it instead from a simplified interface that's more convenient and intuitive than that of the Apple application.

To start using the application, all you have to do is connect your device (whether it's an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone) to the computer as you normally would and open the application. In just a few seconds, it will recognize your device and you can start managing it.

You can easily export images by selecting them with the mouse and sending them to the folder you want, or do the same with songs and videos that are stored on your iPhone or other device. In the same way, you can delete applications from the application interface or make backups of your applications and save them to your hard drive.

Syncios Manager is an excellent alternative to iTunes that offers a really intuitive interface with some additional features that aren't included on the famous application from Apple. It's ideal for managing any iOS device.
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